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Fatigue :'(
Monday, November 29 @ 10:19 PM |

huh :( tired today . feel like fainting . but i hold . because i cannot be a weak girl . once at pains continued to lose heart . day at getting passed . and that means that at time i think to be maturility . is not as easy as i thought . so hard i want to change to be the best . but i must do all that . i had always been in play . finally , i am suffering . i want to be a strong little girl spirit . not quickly give up or think narrow . dont call Arin if i like it . today , i have a story that i do not think this will happen all over me . there is a comment on my facebook . he threw all sorts of words that makes me surprised ! all words , said he was so offensive! rude! first time this kind of talk with me . only God will reward his actions . fortunately i private all my pictures . if he will not have to scatter more and more words that must not be spoken . i do not know him . but why did he speak to me like that ? look at yourself before you talk like that to anyone ! dont be 2 silly ! ergrr . i do not know why people always hurt my heart . why ? why do let me like this ? what sin have i done ?! no longer satisfied to hound me before ?! i already suffered enough over the years. i still have my pride ! you guys really do not have hearts ! all selfish! i am regret to know everyone ! now, i do not think people are over this meeting with me at the sprawl ! i had thought that all this happened because of him ! i'm not going to talk to anyone . So , do not quickly feel okay :)  i'm here just want to express my feelings . nothing to do with the dead or still alive :) i must go now. are still many parts of the work i have 2 do :) my love 4 all readers ~ ti amo ~

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Arin for short.

Happy 6th Anniversary Blogshut! Much love for you, my Dear! ❤ 20Nov2010 - 20Nov2016 :)

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