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this night is quite lovely :)
Wednesday, December 1 @ 2:30 AM |

could not imagine ... the day at even a gradual ... next year i will have PMR ... i always wanted the best ... and i know if i want something good to a lot of sacrifices ... i will study hard ... throw away all the feelings that may damage my thoughts ... yea! i will do! these days i do not want to surf the facebook. dont know why. extremely bored. behind the back and the same thing that my friends  post to me. i remember once wanted to close the fb account. but many of my friends say do not do all that. because they know what the reason for closing my account. they said to me, they will always be with me. thank you, all my friends! love to all! i am grateful to have friends like them. they are a place where i share stories of joy and sorrow. difficult for me away from them. especially Shida and Ena. i love the both of you! you two are my true friend:) i miss you both so on:) i'm anxious wait to go to school again :) i wanted to see the two of you ... hopefully we're still friends. friends are among the places we talk about their feelings, right? so difficult for me to forget my friends who always give encouragement to me when i was in trouble. 29th december 2010, we will meet again at school. to take the text book and find out the position in front of the class. already cannot wait :) hahaha. just for tonight. thanks for all the readers :) ti amo :)

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