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memories :)
Thursday, December 2 @ 1:11 AM |

1st - cadbury
2nd - chewing gum
3rd - break up letters words

this shall mean a grant of special for me ... i call him here as 'z' ... when we were together this kind given by him ... i am very happy ... i am grateful to have him ever ... i yearn for this ... he is very meaningful to me ... i will always miss him half to death ... our relationship was opposed by my mother ... my mother did not like him because he always contact me on the phone ... and i know he asked the final say because of what ... he wanted to keep with his girlfriend ... but i could not resist the words of my mother ... i dont want to be a rebellious daughter ... paradise is under mothers feet ... ... i let him go ... and now i can see he is happy with his new partner ... and now i just consider him as a brother ... thank you for giving me the opportunity to fill the space in your heart and allow me to love you even for a moment ... thanks :)

and this is a gift from him to me when my birthday on 14 :)

                 gift from me to ' IH '

and this is the first gift he gave to me ... money of RM10, which is a form of heart ...! thank you very much, you! i really appreciate it! i still keep this thing. i used to keep this thing in my pencil box. but, after we separate these things i keep in my wallet. do not think that happened, i always take care of this with a good crew. insyaAllah :) i know you happy right now. and i also like that. although we are not as before, i mean ... couple. i always consider you as my friend the world and the hereafter. i knew the word first broke that i gave you is very disappointing. but i had to do so. i know you already know about this. i'm sorry. i always pray for your happiness :) thank you for having loved me :) although i do not have time to respond to love you ... but, the love that i give to you intact. until now ... thanks ' IH '

this is the last gift from him to me. he said to me ' *** beli yang kecik biar nampak sweet ' ouh, i really miss the wonderful moments with him ... it all just a distant memory ... i accept this destiny to be happy ... i still keep this Cadbury wrapper. and  i keep in the same place with the money love. i will keep for lasting memories :) thanks for all the readers :) ti amo :)

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